News from 2006/7

  • 07/02/2007

New BUGS email address:
Because of Spam, make sure to do the following:
– Remove the “_REMOVETHIS” from the email address
– Add “[BUGS]” in your email subject

  • 07/12/2006

New BUGS Documentation: BUGS Cryptography Documentation v-5-1.doc
After spending a week doing a cryptography course at a London University I decided to update by somewhat outdated BUGS Documentation. The new documentation is much more accurate and describe in much more details how the algorithm works, along with many different diagrams. My current work doesn’t let me much free time to spend on that algorithm, but I am still happy to support it and improve it.
Because of all the spam I receive, if you want your email to be read, you must include the following in your email subject “[BUGS ALGORITHM]”

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