News from 2003

  • 17/09/2003

New BUGS Unix TGZ Package: bugs-4.1.1.tgz
New BUGS Unix SOURCE RPM Package: bugs-4.1.1-0.src.rpm
New BUGS Unix BINARY RPM Package: bugs-4.1.1-0.athlon.rpm
New BUGS Windows Package:
Those new packages have new documentation and contact information
The Unix package has a new and improved blogin application
I am now generating RPM for the unix package.
I will try to create a new windows application. The current one has a buffer overflow when displaying the HELP. This is only a minor issue has it does not impact the core application: file encryption.
I have updated my CV
I have updated the Reference Section

  • 15/09/2003

It has been a year since I have updated this webpage. I will update it in the coming month. I have a new Unix package that will be soon available, no much change except for the blogin aplication. Stay tuned! For any feedback please do not forget to add [BUGS] in the subject of your email.

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