News from 2002

  • 26/07/2002

New BUGS Unix package and Library: BUGS v 4.1.0
This version corrects a problem with glibc > 2.2 and a minor problem in bpassdel apps.
I have updated few other things as you can see in the Unix History and in the Library History
I will be porting this new Library to Windows soon, however the changes are not relevant to Windows.

  • 24/07/2002

YES! this site is still alive. After nearly a year without any updates I am back on the BUGS project and this website.
Last year has been extremely busy for me, as you can see in my new CV / RESUME .
I am still working as the “Global Security Administration and Monitoring Manager” at BP

I am going to update this website more often and I have also noticed that some of my unix applications do not compile anymore on the new 2.4.x Linux Kernel. I think I know why and will be updating the Unix Package soon.

I have also changed hosting company, there is now some interesting STATS available.

Thanks all for your support and interest in the BUGS project all these years… Welcome back!

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