News from 2000

  • 23/11/2000

New Windows Version: BCRYPT 4.1
There is an extra option and a minor GUI bug correction.

  • 22/11/2000

A message has been posted on different cryptography newsgroup giving a BUGS ALGORITHM OVERVIEW.
I invite you to read it as it should be pretty easy to understand.

  • 19/11/2000

New UNIX version: bugs v4.0.0
New Windows version: BCRYPT 4.0
New Contest BUGS Contest #3
You can look at the CHANGES LIST
This new version is an important change and offers much more dynamic options!
The new cryptography library BUGS v4.0.0 is NOT compatible with the older version
There are loads of changes and improvements, this library is much more powerful than the previous one. The source code is much easier to read !

Simon Huot managed to crack the old password generation algorithm (he still hasn’t managed to crack the file encryption algorithm). It seems it would be better to do not use the Random Seed (prob seed in the previous version) when using BUGS as a pasword generator.
This only affects Unix users using BUGS as a password generator.

The new version corrects the problem :O)
This will probabely be my last version for few months, because:
1) I can’t carry on like this, programming until 3am every night and go to work the next day. I have now done that for almost a year !
2) With this version BUGS has reach its maturity
3) I will soon go to work to the USA in California.

  • 24/10/2000

New BUGS Library: v3.5.3
New UNIX version: bugs v3.5.3
New Windows version: BCRYPT 3.1
The new documentation corrects a lot of errors and gives more information about the BUGS algorithm.
The new library corrects few minor bugs and has got a new algorithm to generate cipher text in ASCII mode.
The new UNIX version contains the new library and documentation.
The new Windows version as well but also corrects many BUGS.

  • 03/10/2000

New Unix version: bugs v3.5.2
On some OS, the filenames sent as a parameter to the different applications could be wrong.
New Library version: v 3.5.1
New Unix version: bugs v3.5.1
New Windows version: BCRYPT 2.5
This update corrects a Windows compatibility BUGS in ASCII mode.

  • 01/10/2000

New Library version: v 3.5.0
New Unix version: bugs v3.5.0
New Windows version: BCRYPT 2.4
There is now a new feature in the Library allowing you to produce cipher file in ASCII format. You can therefore copy and paste in an email.
The new Library also corrects a bug with the power level 3.
The new Unix Package implements this new feature.
The new Windows Package also implements this new feature but also corrects minor bugs.
New reference, Security Focus,
This web site well known in the computer security field has selected 7 times the Unix BUGS package in their top 6 security software.

  • 30/09/2000

New Unix version : Bugs v3.4.3
This version corrects a bug in the interactive mode of bcrypt and bchat

  • 28/09/2000

Added the new BUGS official logo on this Web Site.
This logo has been designed by Florent Martinez

  • 26/09/2000

New Library version: v 3.4.1
New Unix version: bugs v3.4.2
New Windows version: BCRYPT 2.3
Few Minor bugs corrected and addition of the official BUGS LOGO.

  • 20/09/2000

New Windows version: BCRYPT 2.2
Few Minor bugs corrected.

  • 19/09/2000

New Unix Package: Bugs 3.4.1
New Windows version:BCRYPT 2.1
There is also a NEW contest: BUGS CONTEST #2 with still 50 English pound to win but with much more information given away !
Few changes in the FULL report documentation as in some browsers there were some problems to display the images.

  • 17/09/2000

New Cryptography library: Bugs 3.4.0 also available for Windows
New Windows package available : BCRYPT 2.0
New Unix Package: bugs-3.4.0
New References: Le monde, Observatoire SA
Nobody has still managed to break the BUGS Cryptography algorithm and the contest is still up and running !

  • 09/08/2000

Windows version now available ! (Beta 1)
This is the first beta version of a windows application using the BUGS algorithm. It has been created by T. Martinez.

  • 03/08/2000

New BUGS version: BUGS Library v3.3.1 and BUGS unix package v3.3.2
This version corrects minor bugs in testscript,bcrypt,block and bunlock applications.
The windows version is going really well and you should expect it by the end of the week.

  • 01/08/2000

Some people said that the current contest, with only one cipher text as information, was nearly impossible to complete. Therefore, because we want this contest to be a “real world” simulation, we have decided to give away more information, it should then be easier for you to crack the BUGS algorithm.
Please look at the CONTEST WEB PAGE for more information.
There is then a new BUGS version, BUGS v3.3.1, with the extra contest information.

  • 30/07/2000

BUGS v3.3.0 Available !!
A contest to crack BUGS has now started, the prize is 50 English Pounds, please look at the CONTEST PAGE for more information.
Small changes in the library correcting a small issues. There are 3 new applications in the Unix package: block, bunlock and bmore. These applications allow you to crypt a file really easily, without entering any parameters, except a filename ! And the bmore application allows you to decrypt a file only in memory and display it on the screen. This is really useful if you don’t want to keep crypt/decrypt a file, it is like a “secure more”
The Windows library is now working well, it is available in the download section.
A first windows beta application will be available early next week.

  • 21/07/2000

BUGS v3.2.0 Available !!
Importante upgrade regarding encryption compatibility between plateforms.
This version is not compatible this the previous ones.
This upgrade corrects a compatibility problem with systems using “big endian” (Sparc/Solaris) and systems using “little endian” (x86/Linux).

  • 20/07/2000

The version 3.2.0 should be available tomorrow. It will be an important upgrade.
This version corrects a compatibility bug between Solaris/SPARC and Linux/x86 (ENDIAN).
Some speed enhancements have been performed on the library which won’t be compatible with the previous version. However all the futur version WILL be compatible with the version 3.2.0
The windows library is ready and the applciations should be available next week.

  • 16/07/2000

BUGS V3.1.0. New version of the BUGS Algorithm !
This new version offers extra compatibility with Windows and corrects some bugs in the Unix applications. But the BIG new feature is the new random function using ISAAC as its default RNG
This new version of BUGS should also provides a higher compatibility with BSD systems (FreeBSD, OpenBSD and NetBSD)
The Library windows port has been successful and some beta version are already being tested.
The Windows version should be available within 2 weeks.
PLEASE READ THE NEW LICENSE. All the applications are now Open Source and GPL

  • 14/06/2000

Within 10 days about 600 people downloaded the new BUGS v3.0.0 Unix package.
An article in a french magazine ( internetactu ) and the fact that BUGS has been listed in the 6 top tools of a security mailing list #45 ( helped a lot !
The work on the windows version carries on.
So far the feedback received has been really positive.

  • 03/06/2000

BUGS V3.0.0
The new BUGS cryptography algorithm is ready and available !
Only the unix version is currently available, we are working on the Windows port.
The cryptography library should be available soon on windows.
Here is the new version of the BUGS WEB page, as you may have noticed this has moved it to : . You may also want to have a look at the parent company : .
Enjoy, this new revolutionary cryptography algorithm !

  • 18/05/2000

The new cryptography library is finished. The first Unix beta version is ready since last week, some beta tester are currently testing it. I still haven’t implemented a new random generator as I can’t find a powerful and free random generator. Anyway, changing the random function is really easy… once I would have found a better one !
I wrote a draft version of the new documentation highlighting the new features
I am now working on the Windows version and try to finish the documentation. I am thinking of adding a new program for the Unix package.
Once I would have received feedback from the beta tester I’ll publish the new Unix cryptography package: BUGS 3.0.0
If you are interested in testing my algorithm, please contact me now.
This is almost finished !

  • 17/04/2000

Right, it still going well. I’ve finished one the new probability seed functions, only one more to go !
The new library is now 95% finished.
I expect to have it finished by the end of the week.
The Unix bera version should then be available before the 28th of April (one week later than expected)
Let’s go back to work !

  • 04/04/2000

It has been a long time since I made an update on this Web site, sorry !
This means I am really busy working on the new algorithm. It is going well, the reason why I am late is because I’ve added some new options and made it even more powerfull. I evaluate the work done at 90% on the cryptography library. I could already release a beta version but I prefer to finish the library first. I do apologise for the beta testers if I didn’t tell them why no beta version where published. But as I said I am working every night on this algorithm ! I just need to implement 2 new functions (the new probability seed functions) and its done !
I don’t want to say too much right now… I prefer to finish it and you will judge by yourself ! ;o)
Ok, so let’s try to give you some dates:
Within 2 weeks there will be a unix beta version (I yet have to decide if it will be only available to beta testers or if I will put it on my web page). This package will include the library and the application to crypt files
End of April: Second Unix beta version, which should include a beta version of all the new applications (I would quite like to do a secure chat app using my algorithm… but I am alone on this project and I am working full time !! so we’ll see !)
End of March: There will be as well the first Windows beta version of the algorithm and the file’s crypt app.
Expect a new web site soon as well… and some surprises ! :O)
Thanks for your support ! it’s really helpful !

  • 10/02/2000

The first Unix beta version of my new algorithm should be finished this week end.
If you want to be a beta tester please let me know !
I expect to finish this project for Unix at the end of March and for Windows at the end of April.
My email address listed on this page was WRONG !!! Please note my 2 emails address:

  • 19/01/2000

I am working every night on this new algorithm, it is going well. I have finished testing the new key generator and everything seems to work fine. The first part of the “file’s crypt” algo is done and works. I am starting now the most difficult part: The new file’s crypt function. I think I will have the new algorithm and its application ready within 2 weeks. I will do some intensive testing and then compile the library on Windows within 1 month. I will try to post some news on this web site quite often (at least once a week).
Oh ! one last thing, I am going to update my CV …

  • 10/01/2000

That is now 2 months I am working hard on a new cryptography algorithm. I have finished the algorithm designed and started programming last week end. This is going pretty well and pretty fast.
The new algorithm will be similar to the current one regarding the way it works. But it will be much more efficient and secure !!
The new key generator is done, I need to do more test on it though…
I will be working on the new “crypt file” algorithm this week.
I hope I’ll finish the new version within 2 months.
I don’t know yet if I will post some beta version on my home page, if you want this or if you want to be a beta tester, please send me an email.
Let’s go back to work ! ;o)

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