News from 1999

  • 01/11/1999

Only minor changes, but still worth a download. I am now working on an enhanced algorithm, a new documentation and a new Home page. This should be done within 3 months.

  • 25/08/1999

It’s done ! it is now really … early in the morning, I have finished all my testing for the Unix version, everything seems to work fine. This version has got a new cryptography library which only corrects few minor bugs. The main enhancements are in the cryptography applications which come alone. The apps are easier to use, and “virtually” bugs free !.
I really wanted to implement a new random function in the cryptography library but I haven’t got the time now. I thought the changes in the apps were so important that I had to release a new version anyway.
I will work a on a new random function and few other improvements for the next version (probabely for this winter).
I will also try to update the windows version within 2 months.
The reference page has been updated as well. I am setting up some statistics to know what kind of domain name access to my cryptography home page. If you don’t want your domain name to be in these stats, just use one of the “anonymous WEB site” available on the net.
This month, the most interesting domain name which has been on my cryptography page is:
PENTAGON.MIL (Hello ! ;o)
Any feedback is welcome, have fun ! :O)

  • 02/08/1999

I have been working really hard the last few weeks on a new version of my cryptography package !
The UNIX Package is almost finished, as I am just testing it. There are a lot of new features in the different applications. There is also a new version of the cryptography library which should correct few minor bugs and have a new random function.
The new package, BUGS-2.0.0, should be available before the end of August.
I am also working on a new Windows version.

  • 23/04/1999

The 1.2 version seems to work fine and nobody has still succeeded to crak my algorithm
which is now a bit more than one year old !.
I am going to write a better documentation about my library which should make it easier to use it in your applications.
I think I will create a new version of my cryptography librarie within 6 months.

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