News from 1998

  • 01/11/1998

New version of BCRYPT: v1.2 !
I have corrected a bug in the GUI, really importante upgrade !
I am not continuing the enhanced version anymore. If you still want me to continue to upgrade the enhanced version, please contact me.

  • 27/09/1998

As I am now working, I have slow down a bit the project.
The great news of this month is that my Windows version of my cryptography applciation (BCRYPT) has been published in a french news paper WINDOWS NEWS in october. (it should also been published in 8 others news paper, even in the UK).
But the most important things is the fact that there is a link on my cryptography project at the AMERICAN DEFENSE DEPARTMENT :
(Please check this link, indeed I gave the actual US NAVY home page but the article about my cryptography algotithm is may be now in the WEB archive of this site.)
Nobody succeeded to break my algorithm, even after 6 months !
A lot of people contacted me, thanks to them ideas and comment I am going to do another version of my windows application to create a better interface.
I am also going to write a documentation for the cryptography DLL as even if the doc given in BCRYPT 1.1 should be enough, it is quite difficult to understand how to use it !

  • 23/05/1998

The english WEB site does not exist any longer, this WEB site is then now the OFFICIAL BUGS CRYPTOGRAPHY PROJECT SITE.
New version of the Unix package is now available : v 1.8.1
Only minor changes can be found (easier compilation under BSD OS, etc)
Some links have been updated.
Please not that now I have only ONE email address :
I will not be able to frequently read my emails within 2 weeks.

  • 09/05/1998

Some links have been updated.
The project source code is now available in the “download” section.

  • 06/05/1998

The Cryptography project report is now available, it consists of an overview of the actual cryptography, the different cryptography standard, an explanation of my algorithm.
You can look at it online.
You can dowload the WORD 97 format or the HTML format
The Unix application is now available on the SUNsite ftp site :
The Windows application (enhanced version) is now available on the winfiles WEB site :
3 French newspapers published a small article about my project :
The electronic french newspaper LMB (Num 102), contents or article
“Le virus informatique (Num 7)”,
Preventique informatique, contents or article
With the only log I could have access, there are about 2000 persons who downloaded the applications in 2 months (09/03/1998 -> 06/05/1998) and 80% of them downloaded the Windows application.
The more interesting internet adresses who dowloaded this cryptography project are :
This is now nearly 2 months I started the test of my project applications on the internet (Official date : 09/03/1998). I posted an email in the “cyberpunks” mailing list (cryptography geeks).
I received a lot of feedback from all around the world : Russia, Spain, France, UK, America, etc
Someone sent me an email recently, telling me he studied my algorithm and found some weak points. In fact, it seems that these weak points are all avoid by using my “probability” algorithm. And anyway, NOBODY succeeded yet to crack my algorithm.
However, I may do another version to avoid the few weak points present in the standard algorithm.
After these 2 months, I am really suprised about the evolution of this project, I never thought that my algorithm could last such a long time without beeing cracked. I also never thougth that so many people would be interested by my applications.
I want now to thanks all of you who support me !

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