BUGS License

This project is “OPEN SOURCE” and under the GNU/GPL License. This means you can use it for free. However you must respect the following conditions: (Based on the cryptlib license example)

# You must give the authors credit in your software and/or documentation.

# If you make any changes to the code, you should send a copy of the changes to the author or authors to allow them to integrate them into the code. This is to allow a central consistent version to be maintained.

# Any software you create with this code may not be merely a set or subset of BUGS, with or without minor added functionality or a different interface. In particular you can’t distribute BUGS (or any modified form of it) as your own encryption product. This is to stop people adding their own wrappers and selling it as “their” encryption product.

These applications do not come with any warranty, Sylvain Martinez cannot be held responsible for any dammage, illegal use you can do. For more information please contact martinez@encryptsolutions.com

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