BUGS References

Below are some interesting stats collected up to the year 2000 when this project was fully active. New statistics will be added again from now on.


- American defense department : US NAVY HOME PAGE (├ędition #27) !
(If you the article is not there anymore, please consult the archive of this home page.)

- The Observatory Hermanus Magnetic Observatory In South Africa was using the cryptography algorithm BUGS as of the year 2000 to protect their sensible data transfer on the Internet.

- A product called VIGILE was used to supervise commercial environment. Their version 7 used bcrypt.dll for their license key management. That application was used in France at the STNA (Services Techniques des Controleurs Aeriens) which is the Air Control Technical Team.

- The Ort Braude College in Israel selected the BUGS algorithm as part of their advance cryptology course around the year 2000. Students could choose to analyse the BUGS algorithm as well as others such as DES, RSA, etc.

People from the following organisations downloaded my applications:
– US Navy
– US Air Force
– Russian Federation


English/American newspapers references:
– Security Focus has selected many times the BUGS Unix package in their top 6 security software in their weekly news letter (#16, #34, #35, #52, #60, #64 …).

French newspapers references:
– Sylvain Martinez has been quoted in the National daily newspaper LE MONDE: article from Saturday 26 August 2000 called ” Le jour o├╣ j’ai voulu hacker les hackers : Les folies d’Internet (5) ”
– NetCost&Security HEBDO number 33 of the 20 july 2000, has referenced this web site as the WEB SITE OF THE WEEK
– The electronic french newspaper InternetActu (Num 39), InternetActu
– WINDOWS NEWS october 1998.
– The electronic french newspaper LMB (Num 102), LMB Actu
– “Le virus informatique (Num 7)”, http://www.acbm.com
– Preventique informatique, contents or article


- Unix:
. Available on the SUN microsystem ftp site : http://www.sunsite.unc.edu/pub/Linux/apps/crypto/
. Therefore it is available on all the Sunsite mirror (funet.fi, ibp.fr, etc)
.Available on GNU DIRECTORY
. Available on Freshmeat


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