I have been interested in computers since a very early age. I enjoy  and practice contact sports, photography and travels.

After graduating in Computer Science in France, I won a European Artificial Programming Contest (PROLOGIN 1996) and went on to the UK for a BSc in Computer Science.

I have worked in IT Security since 1998. first, for a major American Bank, then, for a Unix Consulting company in California USA and finally for a  major energy company. I have held quite a diverse number of senior positions which helped broadening my IT Security knowledge as well as my project and people management skills.

In recent years I decided to do an MSc in Information Security while still remaining a full time employee. This meant the last few years have been very busy but also very enjoyable as I have graduated with a merit and have been able to work again on my Cryptography algorithm as part of my MSc Thesis.

Although my current work in the IT Security field does not involve hands on cryptography, my BUGS algorithm project keeps me interested in that field.

I am available for some freelance work as long as:
– It is legal (my hacking days are long over)
– It can be done in my spare time as I have a full time job.

If you want my CV or just contact me, please send an email to contact (at)
I currently hold the following certifications: TOGAF9, CISSP, Inst ISP, RHUL MSc InfoSec, GCFA, GAWN and GXPN

For more details about the PROLOGIN 1996 contest please click here

IT Security News & BUGS Cryptography Project