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Is there a bug with McAfee

There is something quite surreal with what is happening with John McAfee; the author of the popular McAfee Antivirus and who is rich, lives in Belize and has recently been accused by the authority to have murdered his neighbour. Instead of being with the police he has fled, arguing this was a conspiration and that the police (or someone) was after him. This on itself is already a bit odd, but his subsequent actions are even more bizarre…
You would think that someone who believes the whole system is corrupted would try to flee the country, but no. John McAfee is staying in the same city, posting a blog about his escape, offering $25K to anyone who can help him catch the “real” killer and even describing the numerous disguise he has used to approach his house and the police around it, doing his own investigation…

Well, at least it makes for an interesting reading!

Old tricks will always work…

There is something about deception, it can bypass a lot of security controls through a very basic principle, to make you believe about something that isn’t there. It is a bit like magic.

Like this WEBSITE, where you can see an example of what the new HTML5 fullscreen function could make you believe. That you are on a bank website, where in fact you are on a phishing site. The previous link is harmless and only serves as an example, one I would advise you to try yourself (you can’t enter any details anyway in case you haven’t understood it isn’t really a Bank of America website).

Basically, they use the HTML5 Fullscreen function to recreate your browser TABS and URL. If you are not used to browse the internet in full screen mode then you would see the trick straight away. However, if you are following the trend to browse in full screen mode, especially on mobile phones or on MACs where apple has fully integrated it with the latest OS X (10.8), then it is something to watch out for. Very often, the most crude and simple hacks are what work best.

Extreme Pen Testing

Here is an amuzing story where prisoners in a maximum security prison managed to hack their lockdown computers.
Their computer seems to be more like a dumb terminal than a full featured one, and what they can do and where they can go is very limited (i.e.: watch television and receive call).
However, the prisoners found out that by opening 200+ windows explorer they could cause a buffer overflow which then allowed them more access!


and to go with this story here is a photo I came accross on the internet and that summerize the security state of many companies!

Time Square Video Screen Hack – A Nice hoax

The video below would be a really great hack, but it seems to only be a hoax for a couple of reasons:

– It is unlikely such hacker would be showing his face so willingly.
– Apparently to hack those wireless billboard you would attack first the central “billboard broadcasting computer”.

Now… if the wireless communications to those billboard was unsecured, then it could be a different story :)

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